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President Letter: Anne Stubley

“ Friendship ”

Welcome back to the New Benvenuto year, the 31st. Our theme this year is FRIENDSHIP, always important but more than ever in these uncertain times.

This year will be “different “ but the Board are up to the challenge; we aren’t allowed do certain things, well no problem we will find something else to do (ideas from you are always welcome). We all must be flexible and take things as they come. We can have fun whatever we do.

Be sure we are here for you , here for each other - supporting, informing and ready to help; just as Zizeth and last year's Board were during lockdown.

Marisa, our Special Activities Director, is organizing lots of things for you and she has many new innovative ideas. Keep your eyes open for the new activities.

You can also help, why not organize a meet-up for coffee, a walk in the park, a card game or another social event. A good oppurtunity for you to meet up again and renew old friendships or make new ones. Anything suitable to the Club that you wish to organize we will spread the word for you through the club's whats app group and support you.

We are always ready to listen to you, please contact us if you need anything, have an idea or need to discuss something.

Anne Stubley President

please contact me on whats app 335247600 or e mail

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