Our membership consists of approximately 150 English-speaking women from over 20 countries. Our main social event is a monthly Coffee Morning held from September through June at the Sporting Club in Monza. We strive to foster international fellowship through our various activities.

A number of special interest groups and clubs hold regular meetings and cover a wide range of interests. Special activities are organised each month such as: excursions to places of interest, guided tours of exhibitions and museums, cookery lessons, wine-tasting tours, family outings, lunches and dinners, lectures and discussions.

A monthly newsletter "Monza News" keeps members up-to-date on activities, provides a forum of communication and offers advice on living in Italy. We are a non-profit, non-denominational and an a-political organisation. However, we do take an interest in charities and our main fundraising event is a Holiday Bazaar and Raffle.

Creating Unforgettable Memories

If you would like to find out more about the Benvenuto International Club of Monza, or would like to become a member, come and meet us at our next monthly Coffee Morning, indicated on our Events Calendar.

Coffee Mornings are normally held on the second Thursday of each month. Please contact our President or Membership Director for information about the event, the location or to answer any other questions you may have.


Guest are welcome too! Members are welcome to bring guests to the Coffee Morning to introduce them as potential members to the Club.

Zizeth Maroun
President 19/20  |  president.benvenutomonza@gmail.com

Turning a Vision into Reality

The membership year runs from September to June of the following year. The cost of membership is € 80,00, with a discount for members who join later in the year. Membership provides several benefits. In addition to giving you the opportunity to join a community of dynamic, internationally-oriented English speaking women, membership in the Benvenuto International Club of Monza means you can participate in all club activities.

You also receive our monthly newsletter "Monza News" - available both in hard copy as well as on-line. Receive discounts and favorable terms from local businesses. The cost of membership is € 80,00, with a discount for members who join later in the year.

Contact membership.benvenutomonza@gmail.com for details.

Irmi Muratore
Vice President 19/20 | vicepresident.benvenutomonza@gmail.com

Giovanna Meroni Casati

Secretary 2019/2020


Ester de Giuli

Special Activities 2019/2020


Anett Roiz

Treasurer 2019/2020


Norma Bianchi Fumagalli

Public Relation 2019/2020


Kim De Rouck

Editor 2019/2020


Fiamma Pucci

Membership 2019/2020


Sonja Fritz

Newcomers Director 2019/2020