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Kindness Now by Anna Bodini

I wish to dedicate this painting entitled 'Kindness Now', (50x50) acrylic on wooden board, which was exhibited last year in Vimercate as part of the collection of 'La calligrafia dell'anima' to all those who made our brief holiday this summer an enriching experience.

Members of the art group I attend had tried to include symbols and writings of different cultures to create their works. I focussed on the words Kindness, togetherness, harmony and Now.

I hadn't the slightest idea of just how much kindness we would have had to show in the months following this creative work after experiencing Covid 19, lockdown and the unbelievable great challenging difficulties we were forced to encounter during the post lockdown period. It seems that from February to August 2020 our lives and our lifestyle seem to be part of a stifling nightmare!

Our holidays in June 2020 were cancelled by the resort we had booked due to the uncertainty and the strict regulations and restrictions hotels and holiday spots had to comply with and our cruise at the end of August too was cancelled. When most friends were braving it on holiday, they did not sound convincing and the impression was that too many people were not taking the necessary precautions. We felt uneasy....and then...we got the bright idea to anticipate our health care treatments and we booked in at the Ritz in Abano as soon as it opened in mid August.

Abano, is an oasis, an exquisite, peaceful, clean, friendly town. Every breath you take seems to bring with it revitilizing health and wellbeing. In the past we had enjoyed our stay there and it proved to be just what we needed under the circumstances,

We enjoyed walks, shopping and trips in the beautiful countryside. This year we were particularly struck by the frienliness and goodwill of all those we met.

Especially in the hotel, kindness reigned and the emphasis was on satisfying our every need. It stands to reason that buffet breakfasts that in the past years had 'feasted our eyes' even before we sat down at our tables could no longer be, but aperitifs, pianobar evenings, dinner by candlelight, piano recitals in the beautiful mirror lounge of the elegant, classic style hotel took place with the the same professional, pleasant, yet respectful and relaxed savoir faire that the Ritz and the Poletto family are well-known and renowned for. Indeed one can say that the Ritz is 'una casa' more than an hotel! What surprised us was finding that this year families with children too had had our same idea of getting away from crowds and confusion.

We are certainly looking forward to our next visit, when we will continue our treatments and when we can experience the feeling of 'being in good hands' in a safe, friendly and homely environment once again...

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