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Newcomers Coffee Morning at Sonja's

“ Benvenuto”

As a newcomer to the benvenuto Monza group, I was very kindly invited to join the Newcomers' Coffee Morning at Sonja's house in the last week of September. I was absolutely overwhelmed by Sonja's wonderful hospitality in her beautiful home, and the extremely impressive spread that she obviously went to great lengths to organise. It was the perfect way (apart from the weather!) to meet and get to know some of the other ladies in the group. What I had intended to be a fairly brief 'pop' in before dashing off, saw me still mingling and chatting with so many new and interesting people two hours later. The generous array of food (both sweet and savoury) was delicious and certainly very much appreciated by all who attended. What a wonderful 'benvenuto' indeed to this lovely, lively group, promising what I know is going to open up exciting new friendships and activities for all of us. Many thanks indeed Sonja!

Samantha Barnard

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