Meet the Nominees of the 2021-2022 Board

Dear Members,

On behalf of this year’s Nominating Committee, I am delighted to present the nominees for next year’s Board.

It is always a difficult task to find nine Club members who are willing and able to dedicate their time to the Board, but this year proved even more so.

As such 4 of the 5 members of our Nominating Committee (Kate, Cheryl, Petra and Patricia) resigned in order to take up Board positions.

Please do take a moment to learn about the nominees and ensure you participate in the voting process, as part of our annual AGM in April, to formally elect them.

Best wishes,

Janu Soner

Anne Stubley | President

Hello, I'm Anne Stubley and would be proud to continue as your President next year. I’m British but have lived in this area for many years and in fact, was one of the founder members of the Benvenuto International Club of Monza in 1990.

My passions are dogs, golf, walking, reading, travelling and the Benvenuto Club!

When I was elected President last year, I started with lots of ideas for the Club, but unfortunately, due to Covid, most of these had to be put on hold, and we had to invent things as we went along, mostly using virtual Zoom meetings.

Based on the very positive feedback I’ve received from many of you, I believe these virtual meetings have played an important role in keeping the spirit of the Club alive, during these difficult times.

During the “yellow” moments, Marisa Riva and I did also manage to start a walking group and so during autumn, many of the members were able to enjoy some walks in our beautiful Brianza.

The motto of the Club this year has been Friendship and this would be our principal aim again next year. This last year has shown us how important friends and our Club are to us. I am looking forward to working with this fabulous group of ladies, who have agreed to serve on the 2021/22 Board.

Petra Vismara | Vice President

I was born in Monza 50 years ago from a British mother and Italian father. I attended IULM University in Milan and have a degree in Public Relations. I worked in the family clothing business until my children were born and then became a full-time mum. When my children started school I did the CELTA course at the British Council in Milan and became an English teacher.

I have been a Benvenuto Member for 15 years and have always very much enjoyed it. I love the international atmosphere and sharing experiences from different cultures. I have already been on the Board 3 times, when I arrived as Membership Director and in these last couple of years as Secretary.

I am looking forward to being Vice-President next year!

Kate Icke | Treasurer

I was born and grew up Birmingham in the UK. After graduating from Leeds University in 1969, I came to Italy as an English teacher. After a couple of years, having realized that I had no vocation as a teacher, I returned to London to complete further university studies but returned to Milan in 1973. I have lived in Italy since then, first in Milan then in Monza.

From 1974- 2008 I worked for a multinational professional services firm, where for the last 10 years, I was Director of Communications for Italy.

I was married for many years to Franco, who sadly died in 2012. Since then, I have pursued my various hobbies which include travelling, (until Covid), reading, entertaining my five “honorary grandchildren” and marmalade making.

I joined Benvenuto Monz