Sorico - Damaso

“ Karen Lee Victoria Mann”

Sorico to Damaso walk along Lake Como.  It was a first for me having recently arrived in Italy; well, 2 years ago but with moving and COVID-19 my plans to discover Italy were put on the back burner until now.  It was a lovely day although now starting to get a bit colder.  I met Laura and her husband along the way and followed them to Sorico.

I was amazed at how quickly I could leave the concrete landscape of Milan and be in the snow topped mountains.  It was only my second time out of Milan and discovering the landscape is very exciting for me.

Once at the car park,  we started walking along the path leading to the Lake.  

I enjoyed the fact everyone could do as they wanted even though we were a group of 18 or so.  The wind picked up along the way and was quite surprised to see some waves ... and even more so to see some ducks bobbing up-and-down on the surface

As we walked along the shore there were peoples houses overlooking the lake, one of whom knew Marisa.  We took the leisurely approach stopping when we felt the need and walking on, chatting with various different people along the way.

Funny or not so funny were my shoes .. after 7 years of storage in Paris the rubber decided to give up holding itself together.  At first I felt like I was wearing slippers then it got worse so we tied the shoe lace around it.  It worked temporarily as the rubber then was intent on splitting itself from me ... gradually it all came off and a kind persons husband pulled em off !!

I hobbled along with sore feet and made it to lunch whereupon I was given a gift of 3 large prawns!  The Italian lady was very talkative with us and seemed to enjoy having us there.

Marisa and I stayed having an ice cream on a bench along the shore as we waited for 2 people to arrive for a lift in her car back to the car park.  Others carried on walking some the hard route and some the soft but for me ... it was over as my shoes decided it so I drove back to Milan content to have made it :)


What a lovely walk we had on the lakeside along the Como lake from Sorico to Domaso (7.5km) on Saturday 26th September, enjoying the sunny, clear and windy day. Along the shoreline we could admire the fantastic view and we were lucky to see the first snow on the mountains.

Along the lakeshore we walked by many camping sites with many caravans and mobile homes. We saw surfers enjoy this 'windsurfing paradise', as Domaso calls itself.  There are plenty of spots along the lakeshore where people can stop, relax, take photos, have a drink or 'aperitivo' or even stop over for lunch as there are many bars and restaurants. 

“ Amely and Anna”