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Useful hints for a NETFLIX evening

Even if our lockdown seems to be over TV is still an important option in our evenings- The well known Netflix provides a wide variety of films and TV series available in different languages with or without subtitles.

They helped us during our lockdown days and will, probably, support next weeks and months too. In front of the Netflix screen we sometimes get lost. Too many choices. So why not a small guide which might give some hints for the perfect TV evening?

BODY GUARD – a real thriller which is, at the same time, a spy story and a detective one. Interesting plot about terrorism threats and how powerful people use them. It takes place in an institutional London.

LUTHER – detective story, a bit creepy but catching. A fantastic Idris Elba is the stunning Luther in a dark, frantic London

CROSSING LINES – a European investigative police team acting when crimes are over the borders. Interesting and catching.

SECRET CITY – things are not as they look. Can a Government hide shocking events? Definitely possible but at what price! It takes place in Canberra.

VIRGIN RIVER – nice and romantic story taking place in Northern California. A nurse needs a change of life and picks up a job in a small town but everything turns out to be totally different from what she had imagined. Nice description of an American little country.

UNORTHODOX – if you don’t know the orthodox Yiddish traditions of Brooklyn this is for you. An interesting and intensive story which takes place in Brooklyn and Berlin explaining and showing the aspects of the Jewish culture

MARCELLA – a wife, a mother and a detective of the London Police. Hard stories to face and a hard and challenging private life. The main character is stunning and unforgettable

CHESAPEAKE SHORES – a kind of a family sagra. A home, sweet home story where the house is amazing, everybody beautiful, the place extraordinary and the female characters not ordinary. If you keep in mind the limits of this series it will turn out to be relaxing and pleasant and you’ll enjoy terrific country music.

DEEP WATERS – an Australian series where a female detective who decides to give a turn to her life going back to her native town. The investigation in which she is involved takes her back to the past and to her brother’s murder discovering a homophobic story of hate. A good plot and a very good actress.

PARANOID – why are female detectives so good? Intuition, courage, desire not to give up?

HINTERLAND – a series produced, some years ago, by the Welsh TV showing the life of the country villages of Wales. Not violent or creepy bur sad and a bit wild inducing you to deep thoughts and reflections on how life is often in other people’s hands.

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