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Travel chat with Rosalind Power

“South Africa”

23rd April , St George’s Day, at 830 pm Rosalind Power, one of our newer members, offered to give us a slide show and chat about her many adventures in South Africa and Namibia. Being a person who suffers from “mal di Africa” I was so looking forward to it , but hoping I could stay up !!! I get up every morning at 6 am , and usually about 930 I am starting to drop off to sleep.!!!!

No problem. One of the most interesting slide shows and talks I have attended in a long time. With her talk and photographs , we felt we were there with her and her husband in Africa. The animals, the people , the scenery, the desert, the culture were all brought to life . It made people who have never been, want to go and those who have been, desperate to go back.

Their trip to Namibia seemed a true wild adventure. Sleeping in the wild , in tents on the roof of their 4x4, they saw things not many tourists get to see.

The wide open spaces, few people, the deserts, the Skeleton Coast, all they saw and experienced , left us breathless and wanting to hear more.

Sadly, (for us ) , Ros and her husband are moving back to the UK in the Summer, but it would be fantastic if she could do another evening on their travels , via Zoom from the UK, next year. BIG HINT .

Thank you Ros.

Anne Stubley

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