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Share your thoughts or poems with Anna Bodini

Dear ladies of the writers group and members,

Please feel free to call me 347 9520827 or 039 6082896 on Wednesday afternoons during the lockdown period to discuss any interesting poem or piece you may wish to read to me...

If you wish to share a thought you have jotted down and may wish to read it to me, I WILL BE DELIGHTED TO LISTEN TO IT.....or you may send it to me, if you wish to discuss it with me.

With you I share the beautiful poem of MARY OLIVER, winning poetess of the Pulitzer prize....Her kindness, sensitivity and love for nature, expressed in apparently simple language help us to feel connected with the others. ..especially in this time of trial, when we are living in isolation trying to isolate the 'monster' that has taken over and that is taking lives.....a time when we really need to appreciate the beauty that sorrounds us and that the world is so rich of.

Her writings help us to stay alive and to marvel at the miracle of life.

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