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Report: An evening at the Theatre withPeggy Guggenheim

On March 19 last we were treated to an exceptional evening at the theatre with Ivana Menegardo and her pièce entitled “Peggy Guggenheim –

una donna controcorrente”, a one-woman show on the life and experiences of Peggy Guggenheim, freely interpreted by our friend and fellow member, Ivana.

It was to say the least an incredible experience, firstly because Ivana was so brilliant at interpreting not only the part of Peggy herself, but also of a couple of other characters she introduced into the dialogue, which made the story even more fascinating.

Peggy was indeed a fascinating woman, as the title suggests, she “swam against the tide” in many ways but was fortunate enough to be able to get away with it! Ivana interpreted her character so well, keeping us all spellbound during the performance (which was impeccable – someone asked her afterwards how she managed to remember all her lines), particularly as she was alone on the stage for almost an hour. With just a long scarf and a wine glass for company, Ivana transported us to Venice, Paris and New York where facets of Peggy’s life were illustrated and snippets of conversation spied upon – all in all a fantastic evening, most enjoyable!

Thank you Ivana for offering this performance to us – may your future successes be many!

Kate Icke

Recipe for a successful evening at the Theatre in lockdown conditions

Starring Ivana Menegardo-Develter


  • A group of Benvenuto members eager to spend an evening at the theatre, comfortably seated behind their “Google Meet” screens

  • Curiosity to watch the one-woman show on Peggy Guggenheim written and performed by Ivana Menegardo-Develter

  • Superb interpretation by Ivana who slipped in and out of the roles of Peggy, of the nurse Ghita, during Peggy’s short stay at Padova hospital and of the narrator.

Mix together and the outcome was a very enjoyable evening with Peggy Guggenheim’s life unfolded with elegance and professionalism.

A very intreesting story and a first-rate performance, Ivana !

Thanks also to Marisa for the great time we all had together !

Laura Riccagno

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