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My Mantra today: By Louisa Forlini

Is this Pandemic new year truly a half empty glass?

Here we are, today is the first day of the year and my mantra today is "do only what you like" because the things you do today you will do all over the year.

So let me start

⁃ first eat peanuts, healthy superfood, or not?!?

⁃ Hug & kiss your Beloved ones, that's just my kid the only one I have by me today.

⁃ Help someone who have got the energy to change this world, that's why I volunteer for Doposcuola.

⁃ Read a book, the best book ever, the first one written by my daughter.

⁃ Let me have some lentils for lunch so that financial pockets will be OK.

⁃ What about dancing freely over the most famous opening year concert from Wien?

⁃ Get in touch with longterm friends, I had a number of phone calls today and I tasted the salt of life through good memories

⁃ Give a try to any of your favorite hobbies, if not at least a thought of it

⁃ Bless everyone and yourself, I had the Holy service at Carmelo where a charming presepio have been put in place this year too.

At the end, is this pandemic new year truly an half empty glass? No, it isn't, it's a refilled glass. You will fill it with all your best attitude.

Have an outstanding new year,

My best wishes to all and any of you dear ladies!



So honored to be part of this unique community at Benvenuto International Club of Monza

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