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Message from the Charity Committee

Following the decision taken by the membership to donate funds saved from not being able to hold coffee mornings January – April this year to charity, our Committee has contacted the two charities identified and can now propose the following donations:

City Angels Monza – Bike project – City Angels arrived in our city in 2012 to give assistance to the homeless through the provision of a dormitory during the winter months, a shower service, blankets and heavy clothing plus the monitoring of critical areas in the city, with groups of volunteers going round and helping those in need. In this last case, the idea of creating a ‘bike pool’ for the Angels was born and so our donation will go towards purchasing a number of bicycles to be used by the volunteers on their night rounds.

Associazione Don Giulio Farina – Music Therapy project – This association has been active for 30 years providing support for oncology day hospital patients at San Gerardo Hospital. The project provides a programme of treatment through music and takes place in Lesmo. (Our dear friend Barbara de Savorgnani attended music therapy during her treatment). Due to the lockdown this project was put on hold but with our donation the Association hopes to be able to start it up again.

If you would like further information about the above charities, please contact the Charity Committee.

Kate Icke, Laura Ricagno and Petra Vismara

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