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Message from Barbara's family

Updated: May 14, 2021

Hello Anne, please convey my thanks and appreciation to all the Benvenuto members who took the time to pass on their thoughts and memories of shared moments and experiences with Barbara. It was lovely to be able to read those reminiscences, look at the photos and think back on all the conversations I had with Barbara about you, her Benvenuto friends. Often as you would all remember, Barbara would send me photos of you all on trips and sometimes when I called and you were all together she would simply pass her phone around the room and you would all say hello to me - while in the middle of your meal or trip. I heard all about book club and most of the English movies you attended. When I was last over to visit Barbara she couldn't resist taking me up to San Gerado Hospital where she introduced me to many of the staff in Oncology who smiled, knew her by name and welcomed the interruption. I have had many Whats App an Skype conversations with Barbara over the years and half way through have asked her what the noise in the background was only to be told she was lying on a bed at San Gerado having Chemo treatment. I am not sure how her phone kept up with her and kept going, as you all know she certainly gave it a real work out - every day! I spoke to Barbara on the night she passed away - about 3 hours prior and she was positive and planning to get her Ipad screen fixed the next day and talking of getting some other things organized at home in coming days. Though I was unable to get over to help her and be with her at home in Monza, I take comfort in the knowledge that her mind was still going full speed and that she passed away quickly and relatively peacefully. Barbara often mentioned how her friends were such a comfort to her and sent me pictures of the lovely flowers sent on behalf of Benvenuto when she was still at home. She loved all your group outings, the charity auction and the book club, not to mention your trips and lunches. Thanks to you all. Special thanks to all of you who washed clothes for her when she was in the hospital and again when she went to the hospice. Thanks to those of you who were able to visit Barbara in the hospice. I was so glad Barbara was able to go to the hospice where I knew she would get supportive professional medical care in a quiet and peaceful environment. She told me many times how lovely the staff were and how she was enjoying the care, support and peace and quiet. Thanks to those of you (I know numbers were severely limited) who held a small memorial service in memory of Barbara and were thoughtful enough to include Marites - who has been a great support to Barb over many years.

What a great group of supportive and caring friends you all are - I thank you all. I have printed off two hardback copies of the condolences message book, complete with the great selection of group and personal photos, that you all contributed. What a great keepsake that will be for my family and me. Thanks to you all and best wishes to you and your families as we all go through the Covid-19 era. Regards David, Elizabeth and Ryan Carey.

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