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Meet the Nominees of the 2020-2021 Board

The Annual General Meeting of Benvenuto International Club of Monza will take place in first convocation on the 09/04/2020 at 07:00 a.m. and in second convocation on the same day at 11:00 a.m. at the Sporting Club. Registration will commence from 9:00 until 11:00 a.m. In accordance to art. n. 21 of the Italian c.c. the A.G.M. will be valid with the presence of the majority of the members. If any member cannot attend the meeting, another member with proxy may represent her. Completed proxy forms should be handed to the person who will carry your vote ensuring they are received in time to be registered prior to the commencement of the meeting. You will note that, in accordance with the Club’s Rules a member may only hold a maximum of 3 proxy votes. It would be appreciated if you could come early since the reception desk is expected to be crowded just before the opening of the Meeting.

Matters to be Reported:

- Election of the new board

- Approval of mid-year balance published on March's Monza News and on the website

- Amendments to the P&P manual - others.


Anne Stubley | President

My name is Anne Stubley, I was one of the founder members of the Benvenuto International Club Of Monza in 1990 . I was Treasurer on the First Board in 1990 and the 3rd President in 1992/93.

In 1997 I compiled and with help had published the Benvenuto Monza Cookbook. For the last 20 years I have held Book Club 2 in my home .

I am now offering myself as the 31st President in 2020/21.

My passions are golf, gardening, reading,travelling , cooking and dogs.

My aims are to maintain the good work of recent Presidents and other Board Members to provide a Club which is welcoming , friendly and a joy to attend.

Patricia Macnamara | Vice-President

Hello, I’m Patricia Macnamara and I’m delighted to serve as your Vice President this year!

I’m Irish / British dual nationality. I grew up in the UK and spent 20 years living and working in London, followed by a couple of years in both Athens and Rome before settling here in Brianza 11 years ago with my Italian husband.

The Benvenuto Club was an immediate and important connection for me when I first arrived and throughout the years, has remained a great source of friendship and cultural stimulation.

I look forward to working on the Board this year and helping support another successful year for the Club.

Fiamma Pucci | Treasurer

I was born in Monza of Italian parents. When I was 16, I decided I wanted to learn English and asked my parents to arrange a work placement for me during the summer. This was a life changing experience- being exposed to a different culture opened my mind. At the age of 18, with a bursary, lots of enthusiasm and some trepidation I was admitted to Bath University (UK) to read Economics. After graduation I then obtained an MA at Exeter University and found a job in the management consulting business, which I pursued for more than 10 years in Milan.

In 2007 I joined the family business in Biassono, which I run with my sister with both grit and joy.

My interests are very varied with travelling at the top of the list, followed by attending rock and pop concerts, theatre, reading, meeting with friends, photography, walking, swimming and lately also playing the piano….

Joining the Benvenuto Club in 2017 meant a return to the international atmosphere I loved so much as a student, and which I have missed since coming back to Monza. As a member of the board this year I have learnt to appreciate the club’s life even more and I will do my best next year as well, in the position of treasurer.

Alessandra Ruggeri | Membership Director

Ciao I am Alessandra Ruggeri; I am a sociable and empathic woman.

I love tracking in the mountain and gardening but I find that reading books is very relaxing.

I am passionate about art and my favourite artist is Marc Chagall.

I like listening to music above all rock and classical and sometimes opera and jazz music.

I was born in Sesto San Giovanni, close to Milan, on February 18, 1976.

I spent my childhood in Milan, I loved the city and people too.

At the age of 11 my family and I moved to Biassono.

I practised athletic for many years, my speciality was 100 meters, I was very good at it, but it was very difficult to combine agonistic sport with school, therefore I had to quit athletic.

When I grew up, I studied languages even if my real passion was poetry and psychology, but thanks to the knowledge of foreign languages, I was able to expand my horizons.

My first job was in Milan in a Multinational Company, as assistant in the commercial department. I had a great time because it was like a family!

In that period, I took a leave of absence and I went to Madrid to get my Mastery DELE, it was a wonderful experience as Spanish people are very nice.

Later I decided to change job for a new position as Chief Export Manager, responsible for French, Spanish and South Americans customers, I was designed for a multitude of task, from commercial transactions to export operations.

Twelve years later, I decided to quit the job.

So far, I told you a brief story of my life since I was born, now I am going to tell you something about my present.

I live in Biassono with my husband and my funny dog Poldo.

At the moment I am a happy volunteer at the Oratory in Biassono; I love spending time with kids and teenagers.

Anything you may want to know about my future? I have a project in my mind………

Petra Vismara | Secretary

Sonja Fritz | Newcomers Director

I was born and grew up in the Black Forest, Germany. After graduating high-school, I did a two and a half years internship as an industrial clerk.

After this, I began to work for a company in my home town in the purchasing department. In 1996, I moved to Bad Homburg, close to Frankfurt, with my husband. There I worked in the sales department for a company until 1999, when I became pregnant with my first child. In 2002, my family and I moved to Shanghai, where my second child was born. We lived there for four and a

half years. After Shanghai, we moved to Holland, where we stayed for 6 years. In 2012, we moved to India, and lived there for almost 5 years. Due to my daughters choice of university, we moved to Italy. My hobbies are travelling, yoga, art, spending time with my family and socialising with friends. I believe that I am able to suggest ideas and try my best to help the club. I am looking forward to getting to know the members better through my participation in the club.

Kim De Rouck | Media Director

My name is Kim De Rouck and I’m origin Belgian.

I came to Italy about 5 years ago and have two small children of 5 and 3 years old.

I studied Graphic Design and although I persued in a different professional direction as a consultant in the design sector, I never lost sight of my passion.

I would like to commit to another year on the Board because although I already made a lot of changes to the website and the Monza News, I feel that my work is not done yet.

Ginevra Dell'Orto | PR Director

My name is Ginevra Dell’Orto,

I was born 50 years ago in Italy and moved abroad at 18. I lived in Japan where I met my American husband and traveled around since then .

I come back to live in Italy 4 years ago with my husband and my 3 kids, ages 23, 20 and 16.

I love to do gardening, play tennis and drink aperitivi with friends :)

I am very excited to be on the board this year !

Marisa Riva Bonaventura |

Special Activities Director

Most of you know me already. I am Italian and I have been a Benvenuto member for so many years!

I am married to Raffaele and we have three grownup daughters: Oriana, Camilla and Cosetta who are now working respectively in Italy as a Montessori teacher, in Ecuador as an Associate Field Officer with UNHCR and in Italy as an administrative assistant.

I have worked in a few different types of environments (I’ve been secretary, accountant, export department assistant) but the most challenging one has been teaching English to small children.

Our family has been blessed with two little grandchildren, Martino and Dorotea. Being a grandma is exciting, awesome and amazing beyond words but don’t worry, I’m still young, ambitious, active and able!

I’ve always liked to discover new countries and new cultures so it’s been a great opportunity for me to live in the USA for three years (Minnesota and Vermont). I like Nordic walking, travelling, entertaining my grandchildren, performing and meeting people but, most of all, I like sunshine.

In the past I served the Board as Treasurer, Vice-President, as well as Special Activities helper in different ways and occasions.

I’m going to start this amazing adventure with this talented board as your Special Activities Director. Please step forward, make suggestions, be active part of the adventure to give back a little of what each one of us gets from the club

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