May 21: Walk and taste

Marisa had organised perfect weather for 18 of us (14 women and 4 men) to go walking, not too hot and certainly not too cold. We divided into 2 groups, one of serious walkers to do 9 kms and one of ramblers to do 5 kms. We strolled through the beautiful Parco Valcurone, admiring the spectacular views, beautiful wild and cultivated flowers and taking photographs.

The 2 groups met up again at a vineyard for a talk on local wine growing and producing, followed by a lovely lunch, in spectacular surroundings.

We had a Newcomer present and what a lovely welcome to our Club it turned out to be for her! Beautiful walk, great company, nice lunch plus it turned out Ginevra Miele ‘s son and hers are best friends at school and I had met her husband professionally. A small world indeed!

Thank you to Marisa for the organisation and Patricia for the contact at the vineyard /restaurant.

Marisa even organised a special photocall for the groupshot!!

She asked a very attractive girl in a short skirt to take the photo!!!

Just as she was taking the shot, there was a gust of wind and her skirt blew up (alla Marilyn Monroe in the film the Seven year itch), no need to say “cheese “ we all were smiling naturally !!!

Great end to a great day.

Do join us next time!

Anne Stubley

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