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Life at the time of the "Coronavirus" outbreak

When I got up this morning and I watched around from my windows the sky was cloudy and there was a kind of mist over the roofs. Nobody in the street, nobody in the garden. Even our Condo cat, Ugo, was disappeared. I felt a shiver in my back.

Sad and depressed I was sitting in front of my cup of coffee when I was suddenly brought back to reality by beeps announcing whatsapp texts. 8.30 is the opening time of many activities and 8.30 is also the opening time of whatsapp pictures, videos and texts in this coronavirus time.

We are sending lots of them everyday to relatives, friends and even to those who just send Christmas wishes!

We keep in touch and spend time.

I know we are going through difficult times and we are all scared but we have to think how lucky we are having wi-fi, whatsapp, facebook, Netflix etc. In the past decades I would have been harder.

We watch TV news all day. That’s important but not good if you feel scared or depressed. Then reading, watching Netflix, making cakes, changing nail polish, cleaning (a lot), tidying up … and … texting on whatsapp. The bravest ones follow a gym course on YouTube (ten minutes ???)

We receive and spread around hundreds of messages and videos. Some amusing, some smart, some stupid but nevertheless we send them around. I do think they have a kind of positive and healing effect. At least they make us smile.

At the end of this quarantine we are all going to have shining homes, some more pounds, more computering skills but we are all going to feel completely changed.

Probably we’ll appreciate life, more than we did, and generally what we have. Sure we’ll pay more attention to our health. I do believe experience will give us the understanding of resilience and the vital importance of relying on it. Thanks to our resilience we’ll be able to manage to recover from this adversity.

Ester De Giuli

Well yes we are in quarantine but look at the area we are quarantined in !!!! Alps with snow in the background. Added a photo of Brian to prove I haven’t murdered him yet . Look at that beautiful sky !!!! Now lunch then gardening. Then read a book. House perfectly clean !!!! Day one all organized. As i did the 8 km walk , my thoughts were many !!! Mainly positive. I am sure the future will bring to this area many new babies ( in 9 months) and many divorces - even sooner !!!! ( sorry for that piece of negativity) !!!!

Anne Stubley

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