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Impressions of my trip to Thailand and Cambodia 

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you a few thoughts after my recent trip to Thailand and Cambodia.

Since I became a grandmother, I’ve started to watch babies and children more and more and, during this trip, I took some photos of them.

The children are the future in any nation, rich or poor, in every part of the world.

Therefore society and politicians should ensure that they have some essentials rights: the right to health , food, education and play.

But, very often, they aren’t in this situation and the children are living in the middle of war zones, poverty, they become young soldiers or are used for sex or child labor.

They depend on us therefore, as adults, to allow them to realise their dreams, to do what is the best for them according to their specific abilities and skills.

All of us must work in this direction .

During my trip, I learned a thai proverb that I would like to share with you.

“ Do what you believe in , believe in what you are doing.”

I hope this proverb could be a rule for every child.

Giovanna Casati

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