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Hiking in Brianza

“ A walk in the countryside of Colli Briantei ”

So far this newly formed group has done 2 walks this month, one on Saturday 12th September and one on Monday the 14th.

The third one is scheduled for Saturday 26th September, always weather permitting. More information will be sent to you.

The first walk, 9 of us walked for 6.5 kilometers through the Parco Della Brughiera Briantea, at Cabiate. We passed lakes, old bridges, an old cascina, beautiful flora and a fig tree amongst other things. We chatted, a lot, and had a very pleasant morning. easy walk.

Monday the 14th , 12 of us met in Usmate Velate for a walk in the countryside of the Colli Briantei. We walked along a road, through open fields and woods. It was a hot hazy day, so we were unable to see the mountains in the distance and greatful for the cool of

the woods. We passed a "zoo", many old cascine, a very good garden centre, a famous horse training centre and beautiful countryside. Again we chatted a lot on this EASY WALK of 6,8 km.

It is on walks like these that you get to meet people and make friends. Do join us!

Call Marisa 3381308415 or Anne 335247600 for more information.

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