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Easter Egg Competition ​

“ Fun for all the Family - Easter Egg decoration competition”

In my childhood this was one of our Easter customs , and speaking to other members of the Club from Germany and Romania I discovered it was their custom also . “ How to decorate the Eggs ” First of all you take an egg and a needle. You pierce 2 holes in the egg - one in the top and one in the bottom and , over a sink or bowl, blow in one of the holes . The inside of the egg will come out the other hole. With acrylic colours or marker pens, place your designs on the egg . When the paint is still wet you can stick on feathers or other light decorative items. Send us your photos and there will be 2 prizes via:


whatsapp: 335247600

One for adults and one for kids. Members of the Board will be the judges. Closing date for entries 6th April. Have fun.

Anne Stubley

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