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Cookery Lesson with Ros

On Monday April 26th we met for the first time, after many months characterized by orange zone, red zone, schools closed, schools reopened, prohibition to travel to the next town, permission to travel abroad, vaccination, covid tests, aperitivo staying in the rain, aperitivo sitting in the sun……

We met at Marisa’s house, where Ros showed us how she bakes oat chocolate cookies and blueberry muffinsc; they were sooooo delicious!

We had such a wonderful morning together, full of laughters and food! How I missed our meetings!

Hereby you find the recipes.

I already tried and baked the oat chocolate cookies on Sunday with my kids. I did some variations: I put hazelnuts instead of raisins, dark chocolate instead of white chocolate and half the sugar. We enjoyed them!

Thank you Ros, Marisa and our fantastic Club!

Ginevra Miele

Recipes from the cookery lesson


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