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Charity Donations

Dear members,

We all hope that you and your families and loved ones, both near and far, are safe and well, and that you are managing to cope with all the restrictions which have been put in place for our general well-being.

Your generous participation in the enjoyable fundraising activities held during this past year has once more enabled our Club to make precious donations to various worthy charitable organisations here in Monza.

The main recipients are:

Intensivamente Insieme,

Fondazione Meridiana and

Cancro Primo Aiuto,

and further amounts have been donated to:

Andiamo ai Boschetti,

and, given the exceptional circumstances in our current situation, to:

Croce Rossa, Villasanta,

San Gerardo, Covid 19 emergenza,

Caritas, Monza, and

Croce Rossa, Monza.

A complete statement regarding all the monies donated will be published in the near future.

As you are aware, in previous years it has been the custom to invite representatives of the main charities to attend a simple but heartfelt presentation ceremony during our May Coffee morning;

this has afforded the organisations the opportunity to talk about their work and projects and has helped us to understand how the money is spent.

This year we won’t be able to host them, but we are sure of their gratitude and appreciation.

A very big thank you to each and every one of you,

Stay safe.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Theresa.

The Benvenuto Charity Committee

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