Book Reviews during first Lockdown 

The Levant Trilogy : Fortunes of War (review by Kate Icke)

Olivia Manning

The book which most made me forget my surroundings and general depressing situation during lockdown. A volume picked from my top shelves at home which tells of WW II in Egypt and the Levant as seen through the eyes of two very different British people. It is the second part of an opus entitled The Fortunes of War, the first part is entitled The Balkan Trilogy and is worth reading first if possible. It has been described by Anthony Burgess as the finest fictional record of the war produced by a British writer. All I can say is that it took my mind off Covid 19 et al and is a jolly good read!

Killer's of the Flower Moon (review by Frances Gironi)

David Grann

Informative non fiction detailing the founding of the FBI by Edgar Hoover. Recounts the long, complicated investigation, and subsequent trial into how the Red Indian Osage tribe were being killed off by a scheming man, intent to gain possession of the oil deposits (the first discovered in N. America) in Oklahoma, the rights to which belonged to the Osage Tribe.

Lady in Waiting : Autobiography (review by Frances Gironi)

Anne Glenconner

I am always interested in inside stories regarding the Royals. This is the life of Anne Glencomer, daughter of an earl, married to an eccentric lord. She grew up in the family stately home, next door to the Royal Family's Sandringham residence, the children were close friends as well as neighbours. Anne's life is full of interesting episodes: maid of honour at the Coronation, appointed as lady in waiting

to Princess Margaret, the purchase and development of Mustique into a luxury exclusive paradise island, among other events.

She was disinherited on the death of her husband, in favour of an employee.

The Hoarder (review by Patricia Macnamara)

Jess Kidd

I’ve read a couple that were ok plus a couple by an author called Jess Kidd, one in particular called The Hoarder, which I think I especially enjoyed as I also have those tendencies .