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Autumn visit: By Anne Stubley

“ Cimitero Monumentale”

One grey Autumn day a group of Benvenuto Monza ladies met up with a group of Benvenuto Milan ladies and together we were guided through the wonders of Milan's Cimitero Monumentale, by a very knowledgeable English speaking guide . This 250,000 square metre Cemetary is like an open air museum , with so many works of art on show. It was designed by the architect Carlo Maciachini and opened in 1866. It is filled with every type of monument from classical Italian sculptures to Greek temples, obelisks and many other very original works. It is a cemetary for Catholics but has special sections for non Catholic Christians and even has a Jewish Section , with it's own entrance. The first crematorium in the western world opened here in 1876 and was in use until 1992. There are tombs to so many famous Milanese celebrities: * Gaspare Campari - of the famous drink's fame. * Alessandro Manzoni - Milan's most important author. * Dario Fo - The Nobel prize winning author * Toscanini - the famous conductor and cellist to name a few. * There is so much to see , I would say one visit is not enough. * My favourite without doubt is the Campari family tomb depicting the Last Supper . Thank you very much to Marisa Riva who organized this fascinating day out .

Anne Stubley

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