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Airy StrollBy Anna Murabito Bodini​

“ The Invisible Enemy”

Life gets more and more frantic every day and people are bothered by practically everything in our modern life. It is indeed a struggle to juggle everything in this challenging and highly sophisticated world. No wonder most human beings resort to all sorts of techniques to reduce the daily stress level, making every effort to unwind, to relax to become less reactive and more tolerant towards events and people. Humanity is tense and stressed, overworked, and under pressure....and then, in a flash, life,... fast, stimulating, eventful, noisy, …. came to a halt.

Uncertainty, fear, dread and pain crept into every home and every heart. We listened with disbelief and horror to what havoc was befalling humanity. Each and every moment of the day, a word and a virus we had never heard of, invaded our world and thoughts. China seemed far away but the dreaded plague got closer and closer at the speed of light, curbing our lifestyle and shutting us off, from everything and everyone.

We felt on the edge of a cliff, on the very edge of all we seem to know.

Medical science suffered defeat! The invisible enemy was taking our breath away....was taking our lives!

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