Dear Members,


Whilst we are not able to meet in person, the routines for running the Club continue and as part of that, it’s that time of year again when we ask for your nominations for next year’s Board!


Given we cannot use our usual method of distributing paper Nomination Forms at our Coffee Mornings, we have prepared an electronic template for your use instead. 


Please do take a moment to complete it giving the name of a Benvenuto member that you think would be a willing candidate, and optionally, what role you think they would be most suitable for.


There is also a free form section, in case you would like to include any extra comments about your nominee.


Feel free to also volunteer yourself!


For those new members who are not familiar with this process, each year a Nominating Committee of five members is set up to steer the task of electing the next year’s Board. There are nine positions on the Board and any member may be nominated for any role, although it is more typical that the President is a more established member of the Club. 


Based on the nominations received, the Nominating Committee will then work to recruit the new Board. Naturally, as part of the process, a member of the Nominating Committee will speak directly to any potential Board member to confirm they understand the nature of the role and that they are willing to accept the position. 


The proposed new Board is then voted in at the April Coffee Morning.


If we are still not able to meet in person by then, we will put in place an electronic approval process. 


Thank you in advance for your nominations!

Patricia Macnamara  

Cell: 3486045930