The Benvenuto Monza Gourmet Group was created in September 2019 to bring together people who enjoy eating out, particularly trying new flavours, savouring food, going for quality and price rather than quantity and/or merely price and liking dining out in new places occasionally. At present we have 15 members of assorted nationalities (only English is spoken) and anyone can join. We have met several times and tried restaurants in Monza and  the environs.  We usually try and make a date once a month, either for lunch or dinner – so far we have had groups of 6 – 8 people.  Each participant is asked to fill out a questionnaire following their meal so an overall judgement can be drawn up about the location, based on the food, the service, the general atmosphere and the ratio quality/price.  The results are then amalgamated into a review in English for Tripadvisor, published under the Benvenuto name.

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Benvenuto Monza Gourmet Group

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Oct 2020

Il Gusto della Vita


Dic 2019

It is not easy to reconcile the opinions of seven independent diners, but the consensus on the food at this restaurant was virtually unanimous – excellent...


La Nassa


Sep 2020

Not a fish trap exactly but ....

For a place in a suburban plaza populated by hairdressers and banks, the prices are steep to say the least! However, to the food!

Vecchia Ostuni


Nov 2019

A pleasant ambience, very light with an interesting wood ceiling. However we came for the food, which on the whole was judged good...

Vico Mercati


Feb 2020

Promising, but then….

Once you have found this restaurant among the maze which is Vimercate’s historic centre....

Punto G


Nov 2019

We lunched in the Bistro; the staff was welcoming and efficient, service excellent. Starters ranged from very tasty tapas to an outstanding mixed salad...